CEO Message

In 2012, we founded Lintastama with the idea of being a world-class corporation and a priority systems integrator in the IT industry.

Lintastama has spent a long time pushing boundaries and making changes until we discovered a new identity. What we observed around us was a surge in demand for security and surveillance, so we decided to seize the opportunity to move with the times, developing into a solution distributor for the huge market. Our company has gone through many physical changes but our aim stays true.

Now, we carry a strong vision – “To be the leading provider of End-to-End Integrated Security & Surveillance Solutions in Asia”.

Adopting a mindset of continuous growth is critical to corporate culture. We have spent a lot of resources putting in place our company’s policies and processes, as well as recruiting and training the right candidates. We are also developing new services, building industry-specific solutions, and expanding our global presence. All of these initiatives translate into added value and measurable ROI for our customers.

As your trusted partner, we are prepared to bring passion for excellence, open and honest communication and a long list of successful track records. We look forward to seeing you as a part of our growing family of satisfied clients.


Joni Iswanto


PT. Lintastama Jelajah Informatika is an up-and-coming Indonesian distributor with an excellent management team aiming to market Lintastama as a brand that will be synonymous with Asia's top Integrated Security & Surveillance Solutions (ISSS) company.

We provide the latest security surveillance technology and other network services to our valuable partners and customers at competitive prices.

Our latest imported surveillance products meet current and future requirements, in accordance with Indonesia's laws.

The industries listed below have been our focus since company operation in 2012:

1. Mining
2. Plantation
3. Mechanical & Electrical
4. Transportation
5. Smart Home/Smart Office

Our company sees the potential in these five key industries and we have the expertise to support them with the right solution to fit their industry needs.

The solutions are:

- Video Surveillance
- Fire Alarm System
- Smoke & Flame Detection
- CMS (Central Mangement System)
- VMS (Video Management Software)
- Access Control
- Mobile Solution
- Video Analytics (People Counter, Face & Gender Detection, Wandering Detection, Traffic Management, Temperature Monitoring, Virtual Fence Detection)
- Network Infrastructure
- Smart Home
- Smart Office

Why Lintastama?

Because in Lintastama, we believe in providing good and responsive service to our customers that encompass end-to-end solutions. Partners and customers alike can come to us with the knowledge that we provide complete solutions for our five key industries.

Lintastama's motto is "Integrated Security and Surveillance Solution" because our products and solutions integrate and complement each other seamlessly. For example, a company looking for our Smoke & Flame Detection product will also need CCTV with DVR storage. We are then able to provide them with our Fire Alarm System and Video Analytics solution. Depending on the needs of each individual industry, our Smart Office product will require Access Control and Mobile Solutions.

Our Vision

“To be the leading provider of End-to-End Integrated Security & Surveillance Solutions and services in Asia.”



Our Mission

  • To promote End-to-End ISSS to partners and customers.   
  • To provide training and tools for partners to enhance their skills and product portfolio for better market reach and support for their customers.
  • To provide professional services, software solutions, and facilities for companies and organisations to learn and visualise before making purchases.
  • To create market awareness for ISSS through EDM, training, workshops and seminars.

Our Strength

  • Distribution rights in ISSS for Asia.
  • We have a team of certified and experienced technical and marketing consultants to provide the necessary support.
  • We have the methodology to train partners who can provide first level technical support in areas we do not have direct access to.

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